The Saint Francis of Assisi Research Library considers it a privilege to partner with and support the professional institutions of several select library, educational, publishing, and ministry organizations.

Learn more about these exceptional institutions and their important missions in their profiles below:

Established in 1946 as the American Theological Library Association, Atla is the professional association of more than 800 individual, institutional, and affiliate members from diverse religious traditions and backgrounds. And as a community of collectors and connectors, members collaborate to promote worldwide scholarly communication and research in religion and theology. In addition to Brother Allen’s personal membership and participation, the Saint Francis of Assisi Research Library is proud to be fully recognized as an institutional member of Atla.

Publishing the foundational documents of the Franciscan Tradition, including biographies, letters, and other important sources of both Saint Francis and Saint Clare, The Commission for the Franciscan Intellectual Tradition (CFIT) was established in 2001 to promote a contemporary retrieval of the distinctive theological and spiritual vision that animates the Franciscan movement. As such, it serves as a helpful, interactive resource for students, theologians and anyone who is interested in bringing the spiritual heritage of Francis and Clare of Assisi to people today.  In addition to Brother Allen’s personal membership, The Saint Francis of Assisi Research Library actively supports the important research and work of CFIT.

The Church in the 21st Century (C21) Center at Boston College, under the leadership of its director, Karen Kiefer, is a catalyst and resource for the renewal of the Catholic Church in the United States. The C21 Center engages in critical conversations facing the Catholic community focusing on four critical issues: handing on the faith, roles and relationships in the Church, sexuality in the Catholic tradition, and the Catholic intellectual tradition.  To help disseminate these aims, the C21 Center produces many varied resources, including books, publications, programs, videos, podcasts, and special events. Brother Allen and The Saint Francis of Assisi Research Library regularly support and participate in various C21 programs, such as The Drawing God Project and the Drawing God Kids Book Club.

The Spring Interfaith Council embodies a vision to bring unity and understanding to people of all religions, races, and ethnicities in the Spring/Houston community. Three annual programs are the foundation of the organization: a community-wide Thanksgiving service in November, interfaith dialogue dinners in the spring, and a gathering of clergy leaders from all faith traditions in the fall. The Saint Francis of Assisi Research Library is honored to be an active, supporting member.

Specializing in Franciscan spirituality, theology, and works on Saints Francis and Clare since 2002, Tau Publishing has kept the Franciscan Spirit alive through its publishing of more than 125 Franciscan books by well-known authors from all over the world, including Murray Bodo, Susan Saint Sing, and Andre Cirino to name just a few.  The Saint Francis of Assisi Research Library is honored to support Tau Publishing and to include many of their titles in both our library and bookstore.

The Saint Francis of Assisi Research Library supports the beautiful work of Praying Nature, the UK-based Franciscan organization dedicated to praying and striving for a world which cherishes care for nature and the environment, social inclusion, and peace. In addition, the St. Francis Nature Conservation Project is an education & prayer support for the many individuals, families and communities around the world who are caring for creation on a daily basis in so many different ways, people who are inspired & led by St. Francis’ values of love, peace and brotherhood with all God’s creation.

A grassroots network of Episcopalians across the country, the Episcopal Public Policy Network (EPPN) is dedicated to carrying out the Baptismal Covenant call to “strive for justice and peace” through the active ministry of public policy advocacy.  As members of the EPPN, the Saint Francis of Assisi Research Library and Brother Allen advocate and support their programs in the areas of human rights and peace building; care for creation; migration, refugees, and immigration; racial reconciliation; ending poverty and homelessness; and more.

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