Located in Houston, Texas, the Saint Francis of Assisi Research Library is one of the finest and most respected research libraries of its kind in the world. We maintain a world-class catalog of more than 2,000 books, journals, archives, media, and art on Saint Francis and all things Franciscan, while also providing a sacred space for Franciscan research, study, writing, reflection, and prayer.
Saint Francis of Assisi Research Library • 821 Peakwood Drive • Houston, TX 77090-2905 • The library is located in NW Harris County near I-45 and Cypress Creek Pkwy on the second floor of Hope Center Houston.
The library is currently closed for public use while we complete our remodeling project. Personal and group tours are still available by appointment. Join us December 8, 2023 for our grand reopening, reception, and nativity exhibit.
The library is temporarily closed for remodeling, but the answer is YES! Although a private collection, the library is open to the public during normal hours of operation and after hours by appointment. It is conveniently located and strategically embedded within Hope Center Houston to help educate and advocate for the needs of the homeless community.
Although it is recommended, registration is not required for one-time visitors and guests to the library or those attending special events and presentations. Those wishing to conduct research at the library, use our sacred spaces, or borrow books are all required to complete our membership form, register with a photo ID, and attend a brief tour and orientation.
Yes and no. Although we do have a limited collection of books that are available for the public to borrow, as well as books for sale in our bookstore, as a research library all of our books are reserved for conducting research physically at the library. Special permission and arrangements for book borrowing privileges by verified researchers and writers is available. Contact a librarian for details.
Give us a call at (936) 280-4765. We’d love to introduce you to Saint Francis! If you prefer, send us an email using the contact form below. Please allow 24 hours for a reply. Thank you.
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