The Saint Francis of Assisi RESEARCH Library

When choosing the name for our library there were many options and iterations we considered.  What we wanted was a name that best described who we are, what we do, was easy to remember, and was short. Well, three out of four is not too bad! Truth is, RESEARCH is at the core of everything we do and is an integral part of every decision we make from the room design, furnishings, art, names of collections. and most importantly the books we acquire and add to our shelves.

As you’ve read elsewhere on this site, the library now contains more than 2,000 books in 40 collections on Saint Francis, Saint Clare, and other Franciscan topics, with additional books added every single week. Although we do have some duplicates (usually different printings or editions) that are double displayed in various categories, about 95% of our catalog includes unique titles—some scarce, many out of print, a few rare, but all interesting.

The quickest way to explore our ever-expanding library catalog is to click here. There you will find our scrolling slideshow of every book in our library’s database. The design is very intuitive and simple to use. Just type in the name of any book title, author, publisher, or key word in the search box to find what you are looking for. A more detailed and comprehensive search can be done by clicking on the down arrow found next to the search box and magnifying glass, followed by  “Advanced Search” that opens many more fields to help narrow your search.

Ask a librarian! We’re only a phone call, email, or tweet away.